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Leash - Bungee


DOG LIFE STYLE Bungee leash , width. 2,5cm ,  120-180cm, black

PET NOVA BUNGEE leashes, are made from high quality materials. The hand which you hold while walking or running with your dog has a soft cushioning touch, which makes the impact on your side much less felt. The leash line is 120cm to 180cm when stretched so perfect for running and also reducing the impact for you dog while they try to get away. This leash is recommended for all ages and people who are active with there dogs, ie running. Certain colour also on the leash such as the yellow Bungee leash is perfect for walks/runs with your dog at dawn or dust also, to offer that little more safety. Furthermore the strong metal clip to the collar (not includes) is very durable.

We encourage you to watch the below video with the PET NOVA BUNGEE leash.