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 CAT LIFE PLUS Cat litter box 57cm,navy blue

PET NOVA Cat Life Plus Cat litter boxes, are made from the highest quality European plastic (Premium Quality Plastic) designed with a high entry point for your cat, which prevents the cat litter falling out very easy. Additional advantages include a transparent plastic flap and high quality closure. This front flap folds up and there is a inbuilt cat scoop that comes with the purchase of a PET NOVA Cat Life Plus litter box. The product is equipped with a handle and carbon filter for a healthier breathing cycle for your cats. Also you can remove the top and just use the base as a cat litter tray, and the 2 high quality clips on either side of the tray make it easy and effiecent to open and remove with your Pet Nova cat litter Scoops any waste or old litter.

Please see our short intro film below to get a look in real life how it presents itself.

Made in Europe