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 NFPX-6500, 6500 L / H, 32W, 3.5m Hmax Cable: 10m

NFPX is an innovative and very energy-efficient pump model. Thanks to specially designed pipe/fitting
the model can be used traditionally for pumping water through the pump cover, or for collecting water
a so-called surface skimmer by a surface filter. No matter what the purpose of the pump will be, NFPX will be ready for operation in all conditions.
A very efficient, innovative and energy-saving electric motor,
saving up to 65%.
Large filtration area and high water flow
Possibility of pumping of impurities up to a fraction of 6mm
Ceramic rotor axis ensures long product life
IC electronic detection, automatic disconnection in case
lack of water.
Protective motor at blocking
Easy installation of hoses thanks to a special movable coupling
A long cable limits or completely eliminates the need to purchase expensive electric extensions.
Pump housing mounted on hinges, which makes opening and closing the lid much easier
Possibility to connect a skimmer - surface filter. Fittings/Pipes  included.
Professional service in Poland