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Toys - Rope toys


Cotton knotted rope 20cm, weight 55-65g, multicolour 



- Toys, made of strongly tied natural and durable cotton.  This is evident by the weight of the toy, and thickness of the cotton,compared to other products.
- Seven specially selected colors of cotton, which stimulate every dog whilst playing.
- Toys from the "SUPERDENTAL" category, which means that the teeth will be cleaner, reduces tartar and breath will be fresher, also prevents gingivitis.
- These toys are used as an interaction, between dog and owner. Can be throw and retrieved or used in a tugging format. ( back & forward ). Either way the toys are ideal to stimulate your animals playing senses.

Size of breed: (each dog is different so please use this only as a guide)
Very Small - Newborn to 4kg
Small - Smaller dog about 4-10kg
Large - 10-20kg

Type of material : Cotton