Aqua Pet
Novaeuro Aqua Nova


Adjustable nylon leash with neoprene handle 2,5cm x 240cm, red


PET NOVA leashes guarantee a comfortable feel during your walk with your pet. To improve the comfort of use, the leash is lined with neoprene, this is used as extra protection and neutralises any jerks, which is especially important when learning to walk on a leash as well as for long walks. This undercoat significantly reduces the strain and takes pressure off your skin and hands.

Why do we use the Neoprene Comfort system?
Neoprene, or neoprene foam, is the material used e.g.
in the production of diving suits, a material that protects the diver from heat loss. Neoprene in contact with the hand gives the impression of a warm material and absorbs shocks, thanks to this your walks will be even more comfortable and enjoyable with your pets.
Depending on the size of the dog, we offer 3 sizes of the leash:
The width of the leash 1.5cm x 240cm - size S - dog breed size: Very small to 4kg, Small 4-10kg
Width of the leash 2.0 cm x 240 cm - size L - dog breed size: Small 4-10kg, Large 10-20kg
The width of the leash 2.5 cm x 240 cm - size XL - dog breed size: Very large above 20kg