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Flexy plastic muzzle lenght 29cm plus collar 1.5cm: 26-46cm

PET NOVA muzzles are made of very durable plastic, although being very durable they maintain a high level of flexibility. Perfect for your animal to have some sort of comfort. Thanks to this, the muzzle guarantees maximum safety and comfort of use as the dog can drink and pant freely. The innovative adjustment and fastening system of the muzzle will facilitate its daily putting on and taking off, making things easier. These muzzles are available in six sizes. The attached table details the exact size of each model. It is important to choose a muzzle, so that the dog has about 1cm clearance between the nose and the end of the muzzle.
PET NOVA Flexy muzzles:
- very durable, yet flexible plastic
- the low weight of the product improves the comfort of use
- intuitive adjustment and fastening system
- ensures free panting / drinking
- with collar