Aqua Pet
Novaeuro Aqua Nova

Lights & UVs - T5 High Output Lights


Aqua Nova T5 high output light unit
NLT5 - Twin globe high output (dual switches)
NHT5- Quad globe high output (dual switches)
• Modern design and compact units.
• NLT5/NHT5 - range black colour unit.
• Simple setup, with optional use of 90 degree, adjustable feet to suit each unit
• Plastic splash proof cover to avoid water from splashing on globes.
• NLT5 range comes standard with 2 x white tube or 1 x white/plant tubes and 1 blue/marine tubes
• NHT5 range comes standard with 2 x white/plant tubes and 2 blue/marine tubes
• All units have stainless steel hanging brackets, just in case customer wants to hang unit over aquarium.
- Innovative design for the light reflecting to make the light lighter and strong

• Model - NLT5-1500 (2 Tube)
• Unit Length - 150cm - 5foot
• Watt (Light Tube T5) - 2x80W
• Power (Frequency) - 50/60Hz
• Voltage - 220/100V